Get your free XXL Freshman Class 15 Year Anniversary NFT


The XXL Freshmen Class Anniversary NFT was created to commemorate the 15 year anniversary of the Freshmen Class and to celebrate the fans who have shown love for one of the most successful franchises in Hip-Hop history.

For a limited time, fans will be able to mint their own 15 Year Anniversary NFT as a gift from XXL. This first ever XXL NFT will be a coveted and valuable piece of Digital Memorabilia and will also provide exclusive perks and benefits like early access to future NFT drops, contests, merch discounts, and more.


The Debut Drop

For a limited time XXL Freshmen Class 15 Year Anniversary NFTs will be available through Pull up and get yours now while they last.

Privileged Access to Future Drops

Skip the queues and get early and sometimes exclusive access to future XXL drops. The next drop will be limited and rare NFTs to commemorate the 25th anniversary of XXL.

Merch Discounts

Receive exclusive discounts on XXL merch including hoodies, t-shits, home goods and of course, XXL mags.


Look for contests and giveaways where you’ll have the opportunity to win NFTs, concert tickets, merch and more.


Free NFTs anyone? Keep on the lookout for free gift NFTs airdropped straight to your Fanpage account.

Exclusive Merchandise

Gain early and sometimes exclusive access to limited run merch.

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